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Version 1.36 (2022-09-08)

  • content updates for the September 2022 release

Version 1.35 (2021-10-06)

  • content updates for the October 2021 release

Version 1.34 (2020-10-08)

  • content updates for the September 2020 release
  • update FAR/AIM content

Version 1.33 (2019-08-02)

  • fix a bug where quiz figures are printing incorrectly
  • content updates for the June 2019 release

Version 1.32 (2018-10-30)

  • add UGR testmap
  • content updates for the Oct 2018 release

Version 1.31 (2018-03-09)

  • fix a bug where the presence of custom questions in a quiz is causing errors when trying to view the performance chart

Version 1.30 (2017-07-7)

  • new question database for the June 2017 release

Version 1.29 (2017-03-17)

  • new question database for the March 2017 release
  • fix a bug where print quiz is not working with custom questions
  • fix a bug where endorsement expiry date is being split across multiple pdf pages

Version 1.28 (07-08-2016)

  • add request endorsement tool for 5 Free Test code accounts

Version 1.27 (06-04-2016)

  • fix a bug in the stdy guide material where figures are out of placement relative to the subject subheading
  • add QTI ZIP archive export to the quiz export tools

Version 1.26 (03-23-2016)

  • tweak Respondus text output so errors are not generated when importing into Respondus (affects questions with multiple lines)
  • overhaul the one-step quizmaker to include chapters

Version 1.25 (04-28-2016)

  • instructor tools - add bulk deletion of quiz scores

Version 1.24 (04-18-2016)

  • remove permanent login

Version 1.23 (03-23-2016)

  • fix a content error in the graduation email
  • replace missing content in Private Pilot Study Guide, Chapter 1

Version 1.22 (03-02-2016)

  • add ground schools

Version 1.21

  • new databases for 02-2016

Version 1.20 - build 2ddcac1

  • add a new resource for instructor quiz scores, allowing instructors to delete scores without deleting the associated student quiz
  • fix a bug where performance charts are not displaying chapters for which no answers are answered correctly
  • redirect new users to subscriptions page
  • zap expired, ungraded quizzes at logout and when student tools are loaded

Version 1.20

  • Email Scores, change "Address" field to specify 5 fields (street address, city, state, zip, country)
  • send an email when a user gets approved for the instructor role
  • send an email when a user gets approved for the student role
  • allow instructors to turn "Student Completed a Test" emails on/off
  • fix a bug where the performance chart is drawn incorrectly for study sessions defined using the 'Study' button on the 'Choose a Test' screen.
  • in instructor tools, order instructor quizzes by name
  • in instructor tools, order scores first by quiz name, then subsort by student name
  • add user name mouseover to account link (email address in navbar)
  • fix a bug where the wrong total number of questions is being displayed on the performance chart of a quiz with deprecated questions
  • add a what's new link from the version number on the home page
  • fix a bug where instructor quiz preview question order does not match the student scores review quiz question order
  • add a Figure Library (Tools menu)
  • fix a bug where less than 100 questions were being pulled from the db for the Ground Instructor quiz
  • fix a bug where the 'All' selection in the quizmaker chapter popup was not retrieving any questions
  • rework Exit Study Session behavior so the study session is not deleted when exited
  • add export of scores to csv format to instructor tools
  • add ability to print figures for instructor quizzes

Version 1.19

  • send desktop_prepware_registered email for a successful desktop registration

Version 1.18

  • alphabetize list of schools for request_instructor_role
  • allow instructors to reset quizzes to allow students to re-take quiz
  • add prompt to warn users they are leaving the page if a quiz is in progress

Version 1.17

  • add "view figure" links to the preview_instructor_quiz page
  • fix a bug where a student can take an instructor quiz multiple times by opening more than one instance of a quiz before grading the first instance
  • add role-specific message for the alert panel that appears on the choose quiz page for admins/instructors
  • change choose_quiz page so warning box only displays when the Study and Test buttons are disabled.